Everything you wanted to know about Hampton Bay Customer Care

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Welcome to www.whatcounter.com. We help you finding replacement parts and troubleshoot Hampton Bay Fans and Lighting. Please find Hampton Bay Customer Support Contact information on the right hand side of the website.

Hampton Bay one of the largest and leading brands of ceiling fans, lighting and furniture in the United States is not just a great provider of its products, their after service and customer support has always been equally good! Hampton Bay Customer Care can be contacted either by calling their toll free number right away or by typing out an email to them, what’s even better is that you can have a live chat with them especially when you have any kind of emergency related to their products. A live chat is a great idea because your problems and/or any related queries may be solved almost immediately, which is good especially since you don’t want to be around waiting till you hear back from them via emails.
customer service info
However, if you would rather prefer calling them you can do that by dialling 1800-430-3376. This is the customer support number made available to you by The Home Depot, the leading furniture showroom that especially markets and distributes Hampton Bay products. Or you could also reach them through the major appliances helpline by dialling 1800-455-3869.So, if you happen to have any queries regarding Hampton Bay products you can get them cleared right away by contacting them at these numbers. Or if you think emailing is a better idea, then you may reach them through their Online Customer Care support by logging on to the official Home Depot website.

Home Depot is where you would find all the major Hampton Bay products, especially their ceiling fans, which are the most popular among their other products. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans are durable, inexpensive and are even high on decorative sense! Another added feature would be the addition of a central lamp, so that you get the double advantage of both breeze and light! These beautiful fans are mainly being manufactured in China, and are sold by their primary dealer- The Home Depot. Even the installing procedure for their fans are quite simple, although should you need any assistance, you should feel free to call the Hampton Bay Customer Care who are indeed always more than happy to assist you in any way that’s possible.

Just by visiting the official web page of the Home Depot, you will come to realize how easy it is to connect with them and that they will facilitate you with their best service at all times. Whether it is the online customer care or the customer alerts or the credits center or the frequently asked questions section, you can easily find what you’re looking for. However, if you don’t you can always call text or email them.

There has never been a negative response with regards to services from the Hampton Bay Customer Care and this also probably one of the important reasons they are such a success and have such wide reach throughout the United States as well as Canada. So, if you are looking to beautify your home at not too much of an expense, then Home Depot should be your destination and Hampton Bay your unwavering choice.

Other Contact Information

Hampton Bay furniture:-13915 Cerritos Corporate Drive Suite B, Cerritos, California.
Phone number: 562-229-1718 (for phone), and 562- 229-1728 (for fax).
You can call 877-902-5588 for Ordering glass Shades and other replacements parts
TAL Ceiling Fan Company Customer Care:- 1-877-902-5588
King Of Fans Support Team Phone Number – 1-800-330-3267

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Finding a replacement for your Hampton Bay remote

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Every Hampton Bay product is known as value for the money you put in. Be it appearance, usage, warranty as well as the price, Hampton Bay is one of the most favorite brand among customers. Being the house brand of The Home Depot chain, Hampton Bay has been ruling the lighting market for about three decades now, and it’s not without good reason. Apart from lighting solutions, they also offer ceiling fans and beautiful, tasteful patio furniture. Is there something more you could expect from a furniture brand? Well, as a matter of fact there is. The customer support and service is as widely known as the products themselves. Not that servicing Hampton Bay products is a constant requirement, though the durability exceeds expectations, depending on the usage and other factors such as damage, specific type of service may be required.

There are times when it isn’t just a case of servicing, sometimes certain part or parts might need to be replaced altogether. And it is during such times that you would require proper customer support to help you get the right replacement part. The best place to purchase them would be either through the official website of the Home Depot or through the online retail giants such as Amazon or eBay. It is easier to find replacement parts on the website than at your nearest store, since there are several models and various parts involved; hence it is not possible to stack all of them on a shelf. However, you are sure of finding the exact match to what you’re looking for, as long as happens to be a product of Hampton Bay. Of all the parts that are replaced, the remote control that comes with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, is the most requested when it comes to replacement parts.

One remote, many fans

Yes, a single Universal Hampton Bay remote can control 16 different fans using 16 different frequencies of operation. It can operate up to a distance of 30 feet, which means that you can control your fan by being in an adjacent room; this is especially useful during nights when you needn’t stumble on furniture around the house but need to adjust the speed of the fan to a comfortable level. It is compatible with just about any model of Hampton Bay fan, which is what makes it such a great buy. However, there are also thermostat remote controls you can purchase in case you don’t find use for a universal remote. You can use the remote to control fans with either incandescent bulbs or CFLs. Also, for better convenience these remote controls are battery operated. Another great advantage is that, these replacement remotes come with a lifetime warranty which is a great thing because you can get it exchanged or money back should you not be happy with the product you’ve purchased.

hampton bay replacement remote dip switches

Replacing your remote may be a result of overuse or sometimes just a case of losing it for good. However, if you are able to locate your remote and still think you need to replace it, you might want to reconsider it. Before you go ahead with placing the order for a new remote, just make sure that the fault is in fact not your remote that’s causing the malfunction. Sometimes, the receiver present on the back of your fan, i.e. next to the motor of the fan. When you find that the remote is not effective in controlling the fan, take a look at the receiver because it is possible that the receiver is more commonly damaged than the remote. So, once you have ensured that the receiver is in perfect condition, and then yes you should go ahead with purchasing any of the Hampton Bay Remote Replacements.

hampton bay ceiling fan remote

Easy and quick replacement

Gone are those days when you have to chase down the customer support people to get your replacement parts on time. As you might well know, apart from their wonderful products, Hampton Bay has the best customer support and service at all times whether it is over phone, email or live chat. Thanks to the advent of technology, Hampton Bay Remote Replacements is not much of a trouble if you just follow these simple steps.

  • Step1: Once you have made sure that the remote is not working then you should log on to the official website of Hampton Bay, Home Depot or eBay.
  • Step2: In order to choose the right replacement remote, you must be aware of the unique product code that is usually found on a sticker on the motor of your fan, or you could also refer to the invoice (if you have it) and figure out the model type, UPC and also you customer identification number (for easy reference). If you don’t have any of the above mentioned details, the next best thing would be to identify a photo of exactly what you need.
  • Step3: Once you are done selecting, you could order online or contact Home Depot customer support at 1800-330-3267 or 1877-527-0313.

That’s all there is to do, once you order you will have to of course wait till it arrives but that wouldn’t be more than a few working days. One important thing to keep in mind is that, when you order online and especially when you are ordering from not very well known sites you should know that there is a chance for you to get tricked into purchasing fake Hampton Bay Remote Replacements. For information on how to differentiate between original and fake remotes get to know of it from the Hampton Bay site. Because there really is no point in ordering fake ones for replacement! However, you must know that any remote you buy from Hampton Bay, it is entitled to lifetime warranty so you don’t need to worry much on that aspect! It is true that buying from Home Depot might cost you more than buying from other vendors, but you should understand that it is far more reliable and worth your money and not have the worry ending up with a duplicate.

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Everything you need to know about Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Warranty

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Hampton Bay, a brand, a household name; synonymous with quality, durability and affordability. It has been around for quite a while now, and has been one of the most popular and sought after brands of furniture both in the United States as well as Canada. There is so much more to Hampton Bay products than their elegant appeal, although that is one of the highly contributing factors to its success all through the years. Hampton Bay ceiling fans have been by far the best among all other ceiling fans, owing to their great finish, wide range of models, easy to install and effective usage.

hampton bay lifetime warranty card

Another good thing that comes out of using a Hampton bay ceiling fan is that it can be used to save up on electricity bills by cutting down on the central air-conditioner/ heater, by using the fan in the room you want. There are so many different brands which might claim to offer the same, but you should know that it is not true. Because Hampton Bay fans are specially designed and manufactured so that they have superior air circulation and can also be used in the reverse direction; which is of great use during winter!

Hampton Bay ceiling fans warranty is another great reason why you should go in for it. It is a lifetime warranty that will definitely get you the right kind of compensation (either in terms of replacement or superior parts, depending on the defect) and ensure you have your fan back in working condition in no time. But you must know that you cannot simply take advantage of this warranty policy, i.e. you cannot avail this when your fan gets damaged during installation or wrong handling. In order to receive proper assistance and compensation from Hampton bay ceiling fans warranty, you will need to produce the receipt or bill of purchase. As long as you are the original purchaser, you can avail this warranty policy to full effect, however if you are not the original purchaser then you must be armed with proper documents so that you may be able to avail it easily.

Though it is not an absolute that your Hampton Bay fan will quit performing, however in the event that it does happen, it is better if you are informed about the Hampton Bay ceiling fans warranty before you can avail it. Apart from the bill, you will also need to provide the Unique Product Code of your ceiling fan. You may find the code on the back of your fan’s motor. It is a 12 digit number that is unique to each and every fan model. The clearer you are in your specifications, the easier it gets when you avail the warranty. You must know that, it is the top most priority for everyone at Hampton Bay that your queries and any other demands be met as soon as is practically possible.

Download Life Time Warranty Card

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More on Hampton Bay replacement cushions

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Hampton Bay is the undisputed leader in furniture, ceiling fans and lighting solutions. And the primary brand found in all of the Home Depot chain of stores is Hampton Bay, which is why it is so popular. Here, we will focus more on the patio furniture range from Hampton Bay and also the corresponding replacement cushions and as to where is the best place to find them. Their patio furniture range is amazing to say the least, and they sure do come across as a treat to the eyes. Combining their patio furniture as well as ceiling fans and lighting solutions, is probably making the best of the lot and the result is a beautifully furnished home.

A closer look at the range of Hampton Bay patio furniture will show that, there is way too much variety too choose form and yes, you also have the choice of customizing your cushions and other accessories so that you can get the look you like. Whatever patio furniture you choose, it sets the entire tone for your garden, and the rest of the outside of the house and it also represents a lot about yourself in particular. For instance, the Hampton Bay Beverly patio 5 piece set is one that depicts a lot of comfort and elegance whereas the Hampton Bay Woodbury 3 piece gives a more contemporary look. So, it is always very much necessary to maintain it in the best condition as is possible. Despite frequent maintenance, the cushions and other delicate parts of the patio furniture tend to wear out with time hence making it a necessity to replace them every now and then. But you really need not worry much about the replacement part because; it is something that will require your attention once in a few years depending on your usage and the weather conditions. Hampton Bay not only manufactures and markets the best of products, they are also well known for their customer support and after service.

Hampton Bay replacement cushions: Where to find them?

Hampton Bay is one of the best brands you can invest in. Having said that, you would obviously want your money’s worth whether you happen to buying it for the first time or buying some replacement parts. Which is why you need to know exactly where to find genuine replacement cushions, here emphasis is laid on cushions being replaced since these are usually the most often prone to weathering damage. So, finding the perfect set of replacements for your cushions is important in order to not disturb the look on the whole.

The best place to buy off these cushions would be at your nearest Home Depot store. However since these are not often found on the shelf, so you might want to try visiting their official website to get more variety. There are several smaller agencies whose website you would come across; they would claim to have the same cushions as Hampton Bay but not exactly the original brand per se. however you have to double check and make sure that these are indeed as genuine as they claim to be. Always try to go by references or customer reviews so that you might have lesser chances of going to the wrong people.

When you buy your patio furniture for the first time, you will usually get a warranty period along with it. This duration will vary depending on the range of furniture you buy. If you require replacement cushions within the warranty period you will not have much trouble in getting them replaced since the dealer would be responsible.

However if your warranty period is over, then you might have to be a little cautious in looking for replacement cushions. Although there are several helpful sites online, you have to separate from who’s genuine and who isn’t. Now, the prices of these cushions entirely depend on the patio set you have chosen. You can either avail the replacement cushions that are either complement or contrast your original set. You also have the option of customizing your cushions according to your taste.

Points to be kept in mind

  • After service was never so easy. To make sure there are no hassles while you select your replacement cushions, just keep the following points in mind.
  • Get to know from the customer support an approximate budget of how much it will cost, you could also ask them about reliable stores where genuine cushions might be available.
  • Make sure you pay through secure channels, and remember that most often these are made to order only, which is why it might take about two to three weeks for delivery.

Before you go on to order try to gather all the details regarding your original patio set, if there’s any model number, the color combination, the material used and so on. The more descriptive you are about what you require, the easier it gets when you order for them. If you aren’t very sure about all the above mentioned details, then you may just take a photograph of it and send it to the agency who will be replacing your cushions, and they will take it up from there.

The main feature of Hampton Bay products is that they are absolutely high on both aesthetic as well as utility value, and it isn’t just that, you can entirely rely on their round the clock customer support and ask them any questions you may have regarding their products. Moreover, when it comes to patio furniture, they have made sure that the materials used possess the longest possible lifespan. You must know that most of the Hampton Bay patio furniture is made from weather resistant materials so that you needn’t worry too much about their durability. However, it’s not possible for it to last longer than a few years, and that is when you would be required to look for replacement cushions.

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Replacement Guaranteed!!

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Hampton Bay the leader in all things furniture has always prided itself in not just their products but also their prompt and guaranteed service. The leading brand in the house of the Home Depot chain has been so for a lot of reasons. It is not only a combination of aesthetics and utility, it comes at prices so affordable that you needn’t think too much before going ahead with purchasing a Hampton Bay Product. Another important reason why you should go in for a Hampton Bay fan or lighting or furniture, is the fact that they have excellent after service and if it is well within the warranty period then its all the more better!

Hampton Bay replacement parts are usually available on placing order on the official website of either the Home Depot or Hampton Bay. Cushions for your patio furniture, light bulbs, fan blades are the most commonly replaced parts, of which the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans replacement blades are available for each and every model available at the store. Whether it is the Westinghouse, TeamFanz, illumine, or the Hunter model of ceiling fans, you are sure to find the respective fan blades for each model and also the matching specific type under each model.

hampton bay replacement blades

Because there are several sub types under each model owing to the wide varieties of ceiling fans available with Hampton Bay. For instance, there’s bleached white, plain white, oak/ walnut coloured, antique dark and so on. It doesn’t just stop with that, there are also various sizes and also shapes to look out for! You must know that the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans replacement blades are easy to obtain so long as you know the exact details regarding your original ceiling fan.

Customer support is always at your service, literally! They have 24 hours service with a professional willing to help you out at all times. So, if your ceiling fan blades need to be replaced, and then make sure that you get the 12 digit unique product code, you will find it at the back of the motor of your fan. Once you’re done with that, contact a customer support executive and give them your UPC or you could also log on to their website choose exactly what you need and then you may place the order. However, you must know and understand that not all of the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans replacement blades are available on display at the store, for that matter almost any replacement part is bought on a made to order basis. So, depending on your location and the availability of the parts, the duration of shipping will be determined and usually the shipping costs are free if your billing amount is $45 dollars and above. There is nothing much to worry when it comes to replacing fan blades or any other part of the lighting or furniture, if its Hampton Bay your replacement is sure guaranteed!

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Hampton Bay Fans – The Making
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What comes to mind when you think of ceiling fans? Maximum utility, easy on the eyes and the wallet (more importantly), and excellent customer service is what makes for an excellent ceiling fan. And such fans are from none other than the best ceiling fan brand there can be; Hampton Bay. The leading brand of ceiling fans, indoor and outdoor furniture, various lighting solutions has been Hampton Bay for quite a while now. Their success has been wide spread in the United States as well as Canada, especially because their house brand is the leading chain of stores when it comes to home requirements, The Home Depot. There are so many different varieties presented by Hampton Bay, you would come across that is sure to set you into a major confusion as to which model you should zero in on. Of course, if you already have a particular style you are going to stick to for your house’s interior then it is just a matter of time before you buy a Hampton Bay product you really like.

Of all the Hampton Bay products, their ceiling fans have been constantly on demand. Seen as a source of cutting down the ever increasing electricity bills both during summer as well as winter, and owing to its easy installation (thanks to the QuickConnect technique applicable only to Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans) and satisfactory customer service, their ceiling fans sure sell faster than hot cakes! So when you hear so many great things about a particular product, it is only natural to get curious about the manufacturer of these fans. The Hampton bay ceiling fans manufacturer is primarily the King of fans Incorporated. Having footholds throughout the world, including, the United States, China and several other Asian countries they are indeed the leading manufacturers of the leading ceiling fans brand. Having their headquarters at Florida their contact number is 800-330-3267. For any information or queries you may have regarding the Hampton bay ceiling fans manufacturer you may go ahead and contact the above said number or you may visit their official website and fill out the email form with your query. You can also chat with them in case you require some information on an urgent basis.

There are several smaller manufacturers depending on the product requested for. The HB ceiling fans are not popular without reason as you might have already guessed. So, be it an enquiry regarding the fan models, replacement parts such as fan blades, glass globes, switches as well as remote controls, you may contact them directly or you can also get professional help at the nearest Home Depot store or online help also available from Hampton Bay themselves. The important thing to keep in mind is that you can easily go ahead and buy a Hampton Bay fan obviously more than three decades of reference should be more than enough to convince you, right?

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Hampton bay track lighting – Light it up!

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The important aspect of any room is the lighting. Lighting needs to be specific and suited to that particular room. A brightly lit bedroom or a dimly lit reading room can put you in a bad mood. No one wants bright lights when they wake up or to hurt their eyes while reading in a badly lit room. Therefore it is very important to choose the perfect lights for your room and also to make sure that the lighting is suited for that particular room. Hampton bay Track lighting is probably one of the better choices when it comes to lighting as they can be employed without the help of a professional electrician.

What does Hampton bay Track lighting offer?

This is probably the best option for you if you want to have a light that focuses on a specific part or a place. Hampton offers some of the best specialized illumination lights that you can use to either set up a spot light that would emphasize your new art work or a chandelier that would brighten up your dining room. Hampton lights are one of the most attractive lighting options that you will find in the market.

They offer lighting options such as interior lightings, landscape lightings, specialized lightings and even outdoor lightings. The best part of Hampton bay track lighting is that it can cater to your specific needs and necessity. You may need a table lamp near your bed to quietly read away into the night or a fancy looking light in the living room. Hampton has a variety of lighting options from which you can choose from.
hampton bay track lighting fixture
Sometimes home owners prefer conventional lightings to track lightings. They have alternate source of primary lighting and track lighting are used to focus on a particular area that might need illumination from a light source. They can also go in for additional set of track lights if they need to light up a larger area. Hampton bay offers flexible lights that can be turned or bent in any way to focus on objects that you want to focus. Interior designers usually prefer track lighting as it gives them a way to play around with lights and get the perfect lighting for every room.

What happens when the lights go out?

There is a common misconception that track lightings replacement parts are usually hard to find and even harder to replace. The replacement parts are easily found and Hampton bay usually comes with a Do It Yourself Kits that enables you to put together your own lighting set without the help of a professional electrician. Replacement parts can be put together in the same way by simply following the instruction in the instruction manual.

Hampton Bay track lighting offers one of the best track lighting options for your home. The variety of choices is mind boggling and track lighting is the future of interior lighting as it increases focus on one important aspect of the room.

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Lighting solutions, simplified with Hampton Bay Lighting

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Looking for effective lighting solutions for your home? Whether you are only just moving in to a new apartment or want to give it a whole new makeover of sorts, lighting is one of the most important aspect of every house, which is why you should definitely consider looking into the most popular lighting solutions brand- Hampton Bay Lighting. The leading brand in the Home Depot stores and for good reason of course. The best thing about Hampton Bay products is that they are a perfect combination of beauty and utility as well as price and durability.

hampton bay lighting

If you make a stop at the nearest Home Depot store, you will see that the range is very wide, and there are lamp shades of all shapes, sizes and simply beautiful designs. You can choose among them, or if you are still looking for more variety then you may want to try online. Through their official websites, both Home Depot and Hampton Bay have ensured that you make the most of your shopping experience. You have the option of comparing prices between different models, and choose the one you like and don’t forget that, free shipping is included. No matter what type of decoration you have followed in your house or the building you want to light up, you can be sure to find a lighting set that goes with it and make you house look the way you’d like it to.

Light up your home

Hampton Bay Lighting lights up your home in the truest sense possible. Classy, chic, contemporary, modern or a combination of it all, you will find what you love. These lights are known to last a long time, and the varieties you will come across are just amazing. For instance, the Hampton Bay Somerset collection is an elite set of lamp shades that give a very chic look at not too high a price. Then there’s the Nove Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier which combines the antique look with a modern finish and the Monte Carlo Chandelier is one of the most beautiful looking shades in the entire range, it gives out that subtle light from the crystal, in that classic European style. It is not just these fancy looking lamps that are popular, if you are looking for specific kinds of cabinet lighting, bed-side lamps, table lamps, or special track lighting to light up to focus on a particular area within your house, you can find it all here.

Now that you have had a look at the options for indoor lighting, and know what kind of lights you would prefer within your house. There are also outdoor lighting choices available with Hampton Bay and they are every bit as popular as their indoor counterparts. Imagine, when you throw a garden tea party it would be wonderful if your garden and fence had some beautiful lights and comfortable and cozy patio furniture to give the entire setting a better feel. These exterior lighting solutions aren’t just about the aesthetic factors; they are well manufactured in such a way that they are weather resistant which is very important indeed. Landscape illumination is a great idea when you have a sprawling lawn cum garden and want to protect your precious flower beds from damage of being trampled. Then there are the pool side lamps, or the wall mount lamps for your fence and also the patio. And if it happens to be festival times, then obviously you aren’t just looking for mild garden lighting. Hampton Bay offers serial light sets to liven up your holiday evening or night.

Beauty and utility

Now, it is not just enough if you are able to buy these wonderful lights for your home, you would obviously require the corresponding accessories and other important parts such as screws and frames that go with it, which are also available exclusively with Hampton Bay. Also, you need to be able to install them and get them in working condition. You don’t need to worry much, because installing them is easy as long as you follow the required safety procedures, and other helpful tips available online; however if you would rather prefer a professional to do it, then you can always get the help from the Home Depot Store customer support at a time that’s convenient to you.

When you are looking for some home improvement, and if it involves changing the lighting in an around your house then yes, there is no question in going ahead with Hampton Bay – the industry leader in providing excellent lighting solutions. What you would need to think twice about would be what type, colour, shape and design you would like to choose. It is not just your home you can light up, you can also choose specific lighting solutions for your office, and there are formal lighting sets very much available with Hampton Bay. Art galleries, photo studios, restaurants, hotel rooms, lobbies any building that requires elegant, sophisticated yet sensible lighting then Hampton Bay is the perfect choice.

As mentioned earlier, whether it’s the ceiling fans or lighting solutions or even the furniture, it has always been all about looks and performance when it comes to Hampton Bay so that you can get the best from the best. The price ranges for both interior as well as exterior lighting, are reasonable and if you come across special discounts or offers then that’s great. But, usually you wouldn’t need to look for offers, not when the prices are already so affordable. There are even energy efficient variants available, and also lights that run on solar power so that you can save up on your electricity bills in the long run. Especially with their lifetime warranty (for selected products) and excellent after service as well as customer support at just about any time you need, it’s all the more reason you should choose a Hampton Bay product.

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Where to find Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan replacement parts

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Hampton Bay the leading brand at The Home Depot is a pioneer in manufacturing, marketing and distributing high quality furniture, ceiling fans as well as lighting solutions in the past decade. Their popularity has been on the rise not just for their high quality products, but also because of their well-known durability, utility value, aesthetic appeal and at a price you are only going love. These are more than enough reasons for everybody always looking to buy Hampton Bay products especially when it comes to decorating their homes and that too at a price that isn’t over the top.

Probably another reason for their success is the fact that their after service is as good as their products. And the interesting news is that you can also buy patio and garden furniture from Hampton Bay itself, isn’t that convenient? And great when you get your indoor as well as the outdoor furniture matched. Right from the time of installing till the time you are looking for replacement parts for either the ceiling fans or furniture, it really is quite an easy task. Especially thanks to their Life time warranty on their ceiling fans, this allows for easy replacement.

Hampton Bay Service

Yes, when it comes to their products or their service there really is no compromise in any way. They have always made sure that you receive exactly what you are searching for; they have made it to quite a lot of homes since their beginning, which is why they are the leaders in what they do. A walk in to your nearest Home Depot store will show you exactly what is being said here. It is natural that ceiling fans would need more of maintenance than furniture, which is why there is always a circulation of Hampton Bay Ceiling fan replacement parts for your ready use. It is not that Hampton Bay ceiling fans are prone to repair or replacement; however with constant use ceiling fans are bound to slow down.

Different types of remote controls that go with your ceiling fans are available among the replacement parts in store, the replacement fan blades often available as combine and design blades. These blades are the perfect fit; because they don’t look add when you fix them on to your ceiling fan, in fact there are so many variants available that you are sure to find one that complements your fan as well as the rest of the furniture around your house. A set of 5 of the Combine and Design fan blades are priced between $30 to $60 that sure sounds reasonable to me! Especially since its being an original company product and all. If it’s not the fan blades, sometimes, there is a possibility that the glass globe on your ceiling fan may be broken, which might be stopping you from using your fan, so it’s always better to replace it as quickly as possible.

The other replacement parts you can find are the Hampton Bay replacement glass and globe, ceiling fan switch, ceiling fan light switch, the pull chain, canopy kit, down rod, ceiling fan motor screws, blade screws and a wire extension kit. These may seem like minor parts that don’t hold much significance when they are working fine. But, when they are broken you will realize that it hinders you from using your fan, so it is better to stay informed about their details such as prices, availability, product number et al.

Help, at all times

Repair and replacement was never easier, or inexpensive! As mentioned earlier, Hampton Bay prides itself in providing prompt service to their customers as and when required and what with their Lifetime Warranty on their wonderful ceiling fans, you don’t have to be on the chase to get all this work done for you. So, it is no surprise that you can find professional assistance at any time you want. Not all Hampton Bay ceiling fan replacement parts will be readily available on the shelf at the store, but worry not, because The Home Depot has made it all accessible through their website. You just need to make sure that you provide the correct details so that it makes it easier to find what you want. You can contact the Home Depot or Hampton Depot customer support at all times, either via phone, email or even better through live chat!

The first thing you need to do when you’re looking for a replacement part for your ceiling fan is to note down the model number. You will find the model number or the serial number at the back of the fan, so whenever you call the customer helpline, you will be asked for this number, this makes it easy for them to help you with locating a suitable replacement part. Either you can visit your nearest Home Depot Store or get cracking online by visiting their official web page. Or you can also visit the official website of Hampton bay- The Hampton Bay Shop. If you didn’t find the part you were looking for, at the store, then you could begin with a full-fledged search in the respective sites, and you are bound to find the right replacement part.

Once you have found it, the next thing you’ll have to do is obviously order for it, after that fixing it on is the next big step. Now, this is another important point to be kept in mind at all times, that you must follow all the safety instructions with the utmost care, and seeks professional help if you think you can’t do it on your own. You can find instructions on how to go ahead with the installation without harming yourself or your environment. So, all you need to do is follow these instructions to the letter and you will be done replacing in no time! The next you want to replace something in a Hampton Bay, you are sure to remember how easy it really is.

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Why Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans are a great purchase

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The Home Depot is often the most preferred destination for all furnishing needs, and when it comes to ceiling fans, Hampton Bay is by far the best brand. They always make for a great buy because of so many reasons, and we will look in to all of that with great detail now. Firstly, these ceiling fans are the perfect combination of style as well as utility. Whether your ceiling is missing a fan, or if you would like to save up on your electricity bill by using the air conditioner as little as possible, Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans are the most suitable choice. Because the circulation provided by them make for excellent substitutes for air conditioners when the weather is not too warm. In fact, they help you save up to 40% of the final bill, which really is good news. So, it is definitely a wise choice to spend less and save more, right?
hampton bay ceiling fan with remote
There’s a fan for every need, literally. Now, if you are going to buy one of those so called inexpensive brands of ceiling fans, thinking you will be saving up on a lot of money, you are actually quite wrong. Why you ask? Because such fans don’t have a very long life, and often there is always something wrong with them that puts an end to its use sooner than you thought. And you will also be forced to pay for its repairs or purchase a new one all over again. Instead, if you had purchased a ceiling fan from Hampton Bay, you will be worry free. Not just that, you need not spend more than you would like to, thanks to their wide range of ceiling fans. They perform their best even when the lowest possible setting is set and thanks to their Quick connect system, installing a ceiling fan is now easy and fast! This leading brand is leading for good reason, and you will come to see why in the following paragraphs.

What’s so great about them?

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans aren’t just known for their aesthetic factor or high utility value. These come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes as well as designs. And probably the most striking feature of it would be its price, the usual range is somewhere between $30 to $300. So, depending on your taste as well as requirement, you may choose the one that blends well with the rest of the furniture and it’s quite easy to find them, have no doubt about that. Whether its the pewter, antique copper, bronze, brass or the classic white finish you can find it all, and what’s more all this you can purchase at less than $70!

Another great feature would be the central lamp you can find in these fans. By purchasing these, you can very easily solve your fans as well as lighting needs. And once again the money you need to invest here is worth every penny. These lamps add to the decorative value of the fans and are also available in several variants. It’s obviously a double advantage at not too high a cost. What’s interesting here is that these fans can also be used outdoors, especially as an addition to your patio or garden furniture.
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It is often said that what’s easy on the eyes usually is not easy on your wallet. Now, you know better than that, what’s even better is the fact that you can find most of the Hampton Bay fans with energy star rating which means that the fan you purchase will not use up as much electricity as an ordinary ceiling fan would. Another amazing thing is the warranty that you receive with each Hampton Bay fan, yes; it is indeed a lifetime warranty. To find repair or replacements is as easy as their installation; you have the choice of doing it yourself or seek professional assistance. It is indeed good to know that, replacement parts are available at all times, although you really needn’t worry too much because that is not the usual case.

The best place to buy them

Now that you have had a detailed description about the features, you might be wondering where would be the best place to purchase them. It is without doubt your nearest Home Depot Store. The variety is almost endless, and the more you look the more you get confused as to which fan to choose! But remember it all depends on your requirement, so if that is satisfied it means you have bought the best. If you don’t feel like visiting the store, you can always log on to the official website or the other popular online retail giants such as amazon or eBay. There is a catalogue depending on the price range you are looking for or the features or you can go ahead with a customized search option. There is also a detailed listing of what’s available, the corresponding features and even comparison between brands, free shipping included. You are sure to end up with almost exactly the kind of ceiling fan you are looking for.

Whether it’s for temporary reasons or to beautify your newly purchased home, and in case you happen to be looking for a completely new set of ceiling fans, or want to get rid of the boring old fan in your bedroom or patio, a ceiling fan from Hampton Bay would be just the right choice. Once you experience the best from these fans, you are bound to recommend it to people you know and why not? You are obviously doing them a favour. To sum it all up, it’s a great purchase not just for the fact that the prices are absolutely affordable, and you get to save up more than once but they are often sought for their stylishness, their durability and of course their unquestionable performance.

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